First Mission – Successful!

Predator Squadron Mission 1.0

Fifteen ships slid out of hyperspace.

Commander Cave’s voice crackled over the comm, “I see two space cows have followed you home, Predators. Good job.”

Two gunships came out of hyperspace on either side of the squadron. Next to Skywatch I, the command ship for Predator Squadron, the gunships were small, but they had been welcome support while retrofitting the shuttles.

“I hope you got some hot meals for us; my stomach is rumbling.” Joker, living up to his name, caused a chuckle among his squadmates.

“…and go ahead and get some shots of Gralish lined up for us too,” Ghost’s heavy accent came over the comm.

The large corvette started to turn away when Cave’s voice came over the comm, “You will have plenty to eat and drink back at Nikto; let’s get these ships home and prepped.”

The corvette lengthened and disappeared into the void of hyperspace.

“Gah, never any fun.” Ghost laughed. “Last one home has to buy the rounds!”

And fifteen ships took off into hyperspace.

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