StarBorn: The Comm Station

Thunder rumbled across the sky. The squad walked into the cool gray building. Lighted keyboards emitted a soft glow. A voice crackled over the comm speaker: “Wave Station, please report on the situation.” Mak glanced around, his eyes growing wide. Tyler immediately strode over to the table. “Wave Station, here. Situation is beautiful; everything is taken care of.” He looked back and nodded … Read more

First Mission – Successful!

Predator Squadron Mission 1.0 Fifteen ships slid out of hyperspace. Commander Cave’s voice crackled over the comm, “I see two space cows have followed you home, Predators. Good job.” Two gunships came out of hyperspace on either side of the squadron. Next to Skywatch I, the command ship for Predator Squadron, the gunships were small, but … Read more

New Fiction: Rosaga and the Man with Two Faces

Rosaga and the Man with Two Faces

Dane Clark Collins has released new fiction for the World of Uteria: a disturbing short story called Rosaga and the Man with Two Faces. You can download the story for free by going here. Description Long after disappearing on a quest to chase his hallucinatory visions, Dreisin has resurfaced with a story stretching twelve hundred … Read more


Treeface Cover

The following short story was written by Michael Bielaczyc in celebration Halloween. It is a dark tale of terror set in the mythical world of Uteria. Leave a bowl of milk out, and the crust of the bread. That’s all it takes, according to the stories—all it takes to keep it away. Those in the … Read more