House Ka’Dal

A millennia ago, House Ka’Dal was the group of Orovari who broke from the Elves and fought with Kaldrath when he lead his genocide against the other Eldar. They served him faithfully until he was defeated by a coalition of elves, fauns, and other fey. House Ka’Dal was banished north with the other races who fought alongside Kaldrath. There the clan broke apart due to infighting and the clan nations of the Orovari were formed in the frozen North.

In more recent days, the House reemerged about 1,00o years ago and banded together many clans of the Orovari. Ka’Dal allied itself with Uthgard as Olaekin Baleband lead a war against the Aradan Kingdom. After the war, the Disappearance occurred and all elves and fey disappeared mysteriously from the lands of Atheles.

30 years ago magic began to return, and with magic came the elves and the fey. Once again the hollow star banner of Ka’Dal was raised in the North and many flocked to its banner. They gathered their warriors and looked to the fertile, warmer lands to the south.