Log from our chat on the RPGnet Chat!

On February 20th, on a warm, not so stormy night the SagaBorn crew descended on the RPGnet IRC channel to discuss their current Kickstarter: the SagaBorn RPG. This is what was said.

19:31] <+MBielaczyc> Hello everyone! I am Michael Bielaczyc- co creator of SagaBorn and creator of the Dark Return RPG setting.

[19:32] <+BrianCooksey> I’m Brian Cooksey. I helped design the system.

[19:32] <+MBielaczyc> SagaBorn is a streamlined d20 system, that Brian and I made to take what we liked from our tabletop and give it to the masses.

[19:33] <+MBielaczyc> It was also a path to a better version of my setting, the Dark Return. The setting is low magic, and I had always tried to make it fit into the current popular systems.

[19:34] <+Shonn> I am Shonn Everett, I helped refine the SagaBorn game system, particularly the mana system, and am currently writing modules for SagaBorn.

[19:34] <+MBielaczyc> I started publishing books in the setting (under the older name the World of Uteria), and kept running into problems. Pathfinder was inherently high magic and super heroic, while my world was low magic and more realistic fantasy.

[19:34] <+MBielaczyc> Hey shonn!

[19:35] <+Shonn> Hey everyone.

[19:35] <+MBielaczyc> So in 2015, I approached Brian at Gencon and said, “hey I have an idea. wanna make a system?” (done)

SagaBorn Roleplaying Game project video thumbnail

[19:35] <~Dan> Nice to meet you, Shonn!

[19:36] <+BrianCooksey> And I said “Yes!” (done)

[19:36] <~Dan> Thanks, guys!

[19:36] <~Dan> The floor is open to questoins!

[19:36] <~Dan> And questions!

[19:37] <~Dan> So is Dark Return part of SagaBorn, or separate?

[19:38] <+MBielaczyc> It is the base setting like Greyhawk was the base setting for DnD.

[19:38] <+Shonn> Dark Return is the campaign setting world.

[19:38] <+MBielaczyc> There are classes, rules, and spells in the Sagaborn book specific to Dark Return.

[19:39] <+MBielaczyc> But the rules could be used for any fantasy setting. Brian is actually working on Sagaborn Basic, a even more stripped down version of Sagaborn.

[19:39] <~Dan> But does SagaBorn cover the Dark Return setting itself?

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