SagaBorn Roleplaying Game Kickstarter is now live!

Since the Song of Creation wove our world into existence, we have sought for more than mere survival. We pray into the darkness, but the darkness remains silent. So it is up to us to find our own way. This is an age of chaos and strife. An age for new heroes. This is the age of the SagaBorn.

Yesterday we launched the Kickstarter to help fund the first printing of the SagaBorn Roleplaying Game. We were funded in under 12 hours, so now we look forward to hitting some of our funding goals.

The SagaBorn Roleplaying Game was created as a simplified D20 system. Its goal is to be simple, streamlined, and efficient. It is meant to encourage more storytelling and epic action rather than browsing through rulebooks and arguing over what is “allowed.”

What is SagaBorn RPG?

This 8 level system was created for the Dark Return setting, but can be used in almost any fantasy setting.

  • Seven playable races: elf, dwarf, half-dwarf, human, elfling, faun, and feral elfling.
  • Eight classes: fighter, barbarian, archeon, luminar, wylder, bard, ranger, and rogue.
  • Simplified skill system: only eight skills cover all the things an adventurer may need in order to overcome adventure obstacles. We replace Feats with a flexible point-based Talent system.
  • Heroic action: a simple mechanism to resolve most non-combat conflicts. Each party rolls a D20, adds the appropriate bonus, and the highest roller wins!
  • A simple mana-based magic system. Spells are organized by mana cost with no level or class restrictions.

We have some nice Funding rewards, and all backers will have their names mentioned as helping to bring SagaBorn to life!

Find the Kickstarter below:

Michael and Brian