The Saga Issue 2, April 2022

The Saga – April 2022 Published by Lone Wanderer Entertainment A zine for the Sagaborn Roleplaying System and other old school RPGs. Table of Contents Strongholds: Adding a home to your tabletop game Page 4 Worldbuilding Interview: Christopher Burdett Page 10 Communication and Gaming Page 17 The Summoner’s Lair: A 2nd Level Adventure Page 20 Into the … Read more

The Saga, Feb 2022

The Saga PDF Writing: Michael Bielaczyc, Dane Clark Collins Cover Art: Michael Bielaczyc Interior Art: Michael Bielaczyc Copyright Lone wanderer Entertainment, 2022. Ravaging and Recovery / The Nulthari – Necromancers of the North / Frazetta / Into the World Ravaging and Recovery M. Bielaczyc Before we get into how to recover from Ravage points, I … Read more