The Saga Issue 3, June 2022

Published by Lone Wanderer Entertainment A zine for the Sagaborn Roleplaying System and other old school RPGs. Table of Contents • The Multiverse and Me • Interview with Astrophysicist Ethan Siegel • SagaBorn Inklings – Tabletop Ideas • Stop Worrying and Love the Multiverse • The Evolution of the Multiverse • Into the World: The In-Between • … Read more

Mini RPG Adventure: The Summoner’s Lair

The Summoner’s Lair in the Old Zhou Ruin SagaBorn Scenario for 2-4 players, Level 2-3 The Cult of the Gray has taken refuge in an old Zhou stronghold. When the Zhou invaded the Eastlands they conquered most of the lands between the Ostiana Ocean and the Swordspyne Mountains. After the invasion began to splinter, many … Read more

Communication and Gaming

by Jon Hermsen Want to be part of a good roleplaying game group? Communicate. It’s hard to get a group of geeks on board with almost anything. Even when playing games, we can easily end up in fights over…well, pretty much everything. In roleplaying this can take the form of in game character fights, in … Read more


Strongholds by Michael Bielaczyc We all have fond memories of our first gaming experiences. Those first times reading through a book that opened up new worlds and allowed us to play in them. One of my strongest memories from my first Player’s Handbook (2nd Ed), was getting to the part where the rules say at … Read more

Worldbuilding Interview With Christopher Burdett

Christopher Burdett is an artist known for many things, Magic the Gathering, Star Wars, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer being but a few. Not to mention his amazing contributions to SagaBorn over the years. To me, he is one of my favorite artists and people I have met in my professional career. He is so … Read more

The Saga Issue 2, April 2022

The Saga – April 2022 Published by Lone Wanderer Entertainment A zine for the Sagaborn Roleplaying System and other old school RPGs. Table of Contents Strongholds: Adding a home to your tabletop game Page 4 Worldbuilding Interview: Christopher Burdett Page 10 Communication and Gaming Page 17 The Summoner’s Lair: A 2nd Level Adventure Page 20 Into the … Read more

The Saga, Feb 2022

The Saga PDF Writing: Michael Bielaczyc, Dane Clark Collins Cover Art: Michael Bielaczyc Interior Art: Michael Bielaczyc Copyright Lone wanderer Entertainment, 2022. Ravaging and Recovery / The Nulthari – Necromancers of the North / Frazetta / Into the World Ravaging and Recovery M. Bielaczyc Before we get into how to recover from Ravage points, I … Read more

The Saga, Issue 4

Those of you who follow us on Facebook know that we released a big update this week: Sagaborn 1.5 Beta. We are calling it a beta because there are some significant changes, and we need people to try it out and tell us what they think. We are beginning a new column to explain the … Read more

The Saga , Issue 3

The Story Guide: GM’s Apply Here We spend so much time figuring out what the players want and how they play, but we have no way of letting our players know how we gamemaster before we start. So I have written an article and included a PDF Game Master’s Sheet that will allow us to … Read more