Cavern VTT Map

This is table top RPG map is made for the Sagaborn Patreon. The cavern map is a generic map for any game involving caves in their adventure. Get the full map here: Cavern VTT Map  

StarBorn / Spelljammer Map: Vos’Illian

Today we found out that WoTC is releasing Spelljammer for 5E! I loved Spelljammer when it came out and played it for many years. Some of my first in depth adventures were for Spelljammer. And of course that influenced me to release StarBorn, a fantasy in space version of the SagaBorn system. So lets celebrate … Read more

The Saga Issue 2, April 2022

The Saga – April 2022 Published by Lone Wanderer Entertainment A zine for the Sagaborn Roleplaying System and other old school RPGs. Table of Contents Strongholds: Adding a home to your tabletop game Page 4 Worldbuilding Interview: Christopher Burdett Page 10 Communication and Gaming Page 17 The Summoner’s Lair: A 2nd Level Adventure Page 20 Into the … Read more

The Saga, Feb 2022

The Saga PDF Writing: Michael Bielaczyc, Dane Clark Collins Cover Art: Michael Bielaczyc Interior Art: Michael Bielaczyc Copyright Lone wanderer Entertainment, 2022. Ravaging and Recovery / The Nulthari – Necromancers of the North / Frazetta / Into the World Ravaging and Recovery M. Bielaczyc Before we get into how to recover from Ravage points, I … Read more

My Review of the Blacktongue Thief

My Review of the Blacktongue Thief by Chistopher Buehlman “There are moments which can change a person’s life for all time..” Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit Cartoon, 1977, Rankin Bass. When I was a kid, I waited every year for The Hobbit cartoon to play on TV. I think it was during the Fall. When Bilbo … Read more

White Box Edition for Sale!

White Box Edition for Sale! Posted on September 14, 2021 by mbielaczyc The White Box Edition of SagaBorn Battles is officially for sale. After years of playing with friends and at cons, the “1st Edition” or White Box is for sale. The box comes with all you need to start playing (except for miniatures). 4 x Battle Dice 7 x Wanderers Faction Character … Read more

The Saga, Issue 7

Rethinking Hit Points – The Haunting of Eliuska Manor – Into the World Rethinking Hit Points One of the big issues I have encountered when running games is Hit Points. Sure it is a tried and true system that is simple. But often for fun games, this means the party needs a healer or they … Read more